Someone is using your app icons to earn money

I was scrolling Pinterest and I saw many Christmas app icons so I went to Etsy and just look through some Christmas app icons and then I saw that there was a person selling app icons that you have created. I have compared them and they are exactly the same. Every time when you make a new app icon you would show us pictures on how the app icons look and how would the homescreen be once you have used the widgets, app icons and wallpaper and that was what the person was doing. The woman have sold your neon pink, neon purple, neon green, fall halloween, color neon, vsco, kids art, red neon, forest green, light lavender, boho, light blue, pastel, pink aesthetic and cute doodle app icon. The thing is that many people are buying it. Please reply as soon as possible as it really isn’t fair. You have worked hard making those app icons but yet someone is using it to earn money.

Link to her : Help you Ace your Exam by RNexpress on Etsy

Btw I am really looking forward to your Christmas app icons hehe

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thank you very much for your message.
Yes, it really isn’t fair. I filed a complaint with Etsy about all these stolen icons.

By the way, there will soon be Christmas icons in a Minimalistic style and after them there will also be Aesthetic Christmas icons.

Omg I am really looking forward to it aaaaaaaaa. Thank you so much

:fist_right::fist_left: First app icons pack is done:

Thank youu. I love it. Thank you

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