Purple Neon App Icons Pack

Write here what icons you would like to add to this pack.

Link to the Purple Neon App Icons Pack.

Can u add an app icon for the GEICO app, oculus, prime video, discover bank app, target, and Minecraft,

Some generic art app icon, maybe just like a pencil or a paintbrush logo. This could be used for all sorts of different art apps.

Also a logo for Goodnotes.

requesting icons for VSCO, BeReal, Crave, Pokémon Go, Uber Eats, Google Home, and Crunchyroll pls pls pls!!

Hi :wave:
@Esmerphy @Cloud @starryskhy

Purple Neon App Icons Pack :shamrock: has been updated with new icons.
All of new icons you may get in ZIP archive (“Download Icons” button). And also I managed to add some of them to iOS Config Profile.

Do you by any chance do Five Nights At Freddy’s wallpapers?

Here is a FNaF wallpaper for you: