Green Neon app request

This part is Korean apps and Apple translator
1-1. Naver app icon (Korean : 네이버)

1-2. Unicorn HTTPS app icon (Korean : 유니콘 HTTPS)

1-3. apple translator app icon

1-4 delivery app icon (korean : 배달의 민족)

Please make it look similar to these

2-1. shopping app

2-2. banks app

2-3. box icon

2-4 joystick icon

These 4 are icons for Dock bar
*background hex code : 17271d

3-1. kakaotalk app icon (Korean : 카카오톡)

3-2. phone app icon

3-3. contacts app icon

3-4. messages app icon

Hi :wave:
Green Neon App Icons Pack :shamrock: has been updated with new icons.

You may get it in ZIP archive)

Here are the Icons special for your Dock Bar :arrow_down:

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Thank you so much. Neon concept icons pack(purple, pink, green, red, etc) is the best❤️

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Glad you like these)

Welcome :blush: