New Cricket app icons

Cricket is my brother’s favourite sport and he watches it all the time. Then he saw me with my Pusheen app icons (thanks for the Pusheen ones they are really nice :+1: ) and wanted some of his own when he got a phone. A few years later he ended up getting a phone and wanted the icons, so I went and check to see if there were any cricket icons to find no cricket icons anywhere online​:pensive:. My bro was really upset since he had been waiting ages to get a phone to customise it and now he doesn’t have any icons. He said it wouldn’t feel right if he put different icons since he has been obsessed with cricket since he was little and wants to express that more instead of always replacing it with something else. Cricket is such a popular, diverse sport and it would be great to have app icons and would make a lot for ppl like my brother very happy and would be able to express there love of cricket on their phone. Being in a family who all love sports shows me how important it is as it brings people together I would great to finally bee able to show love for cricket with a cricket aesthetic for the most hardcore of cricket fans :cricket_bat_and_ball::cricket_bat_and_ball::cricket_bat_and_ball: